Doe Deere”s Rise to the Top

Doe Deere has rightfully earned her title as the “Queen of Unicorns” which has somewhat morphed into a signature mascot for her colorful makeup brand, Lime Crime. She has managed to gain a massive fan and customer base for her company which continues to growth and thrive. Doe recently did an interview with Guest of

Alexandre Gama Is An Experienced Advertising Professional

Alexandre Gama is a renowned marketing and advertising services provider. Based in Brazil, Alexandre Gama has an established history of delivering outstanding services to clients. He caters to business enterprises, corporations, organizations and individual clients. As an experienced and reliable advertising executive, Alexandre Gama has access to industry resources and connections, which allow his team

Securus Technologies Wins the Gold Stevie Awards for being a Leading company in Customer Service Training

Securus Technologies is one of the best enterprises in the world offering services that range from criminal justice technology solutions to ensure public safety, civil justice, monitoring and corrections, and investigations. The company has remained excellent in delivering outstanding services, and this has seen it bag Gold Stevie Award for being the best in customer