OSI Food Solutions Bags a Globe of Honor Award

The new recipient of the 2016 Globe of Honor Award was OSI Food Solutions. The company was presented the award by the British Safety Council’s Mike Robinson. The ceremony took place at Drapers’ Hall in London city. OSI Food Solutions managed to bag the award because of its management approaches on environmental risks. 18 institutions were also honored at the ceremony. These organizations were recognized for their straightforwardness in environmental management.

Criteria for Winning the Globe of Honor Award

The British Safety Council (BSC) drafted criteria that would be used to select the winners of the award. An institution was required to earn five stars on environmental management auditing. The audit was carried out from August 2015 to July 2016. It was also carried out by environmental experts. These experts assessed the measures for environmental management adopted by the candidates and awarded marks accordingly. Lynda Armstrong congratulated OSI Food Solutions for their excellence. As the chairperson of the British Safety Council, she said that winners of the award had adopted an integrated approach towards environmental protection. She also added that the institutions had complied with health and safety requirements hence being sustainable in operation.

Kelly Grimwood received the Globe of Honor Award on behalf of OSI Food Solutions. British Safety Council’s chief executive Mike Robinson said that OSI excelled because of its leadership. He also urged other institutions to strive for excellence in leadership. OSI Food Solutions has been serving clients with food products since 1989. Its food products include beef and pork. The company mainly serves restaurants. It won the Globe of Honour twice in 2013 as well as in 2015.

Acquisition of Tyson Food Plant

OSI Food stands out from other food companies because of its timely acquisitions. The company recently acquired Tyson Foods located in Chicago at a record $7.4 million. The new acquisition was documented by the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. As a privately owned food company, OSI specializes in a range of meat products. These include bacon and breakfast sausage. In the company’s official website, clients can get access to the products from over 60 processing facilities in 16 nations. Tyson Foods excels in preparing meals that target consumers in the hospitality sector. The company’s flagship products include crepes, meatballs and tempura chicken. Tyson Foods also operated in South Side, Chicago. Under new management, OSI will oversee the firm’s processing operations and growth strategies.

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Review of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Facing Off with Amazon

Tasting success in the fashion e-commerce is not a simple feat given that Amazon controls 20% of this market, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has managed to grow its $250 million business in just three years. Fabletics, a part of the ‘activewear’ growing movement, is using a subscription mechanic to deliver clothing to customers. The line is premised on a simple idea where customers like aspirational brands that push them abit, mixed with membership and convenience to create a powerful combination.



Shift in Economics



Brands of a higher value have from the past relied on being defined on the basis of quality of products or services and price. However, there has been a shift in the economics which renders this combination null as it does not guarantee success or remain competitive. There are new determinants to what constitutes high-value to the modern consumers. These are brand recognition, customer experience, last-mile service, gamification elements and exclusive design. Fabletics has a positioning and strategy akin to that of Warby Parker and Apple, which is paying off well as the brand is set to open up more new stores. They will add to the sixteen stores that are open in places like Illinois, California, Hawaii and Florida.



What is the Secret?



Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics’ general manager thinks their secret is the building of a re-imagined and modern version of a high-value brand from the first day. He added that their membership model allowed them to offer customers a personalized service as well as on-trend fashion at half the competitor’s prices. He summed it up by saying that it is easier for Fabletics to make their customers happy as it knows who they are and their needs.



How are Fabletics Stores Different?



Fabletics is different from its competitors as it allows “reverse showrooming” unlike its competitors who are affected by showrooming. The latter refers to when customers browse for products offline and buy them from other cheaper areas. Fabletics reversed this model when it started out and turned browsing positive instead of negative. Fabletics looked at building relationships with its customers and understand the markets well through activities and events. This resulted in 30-50% of all people entering into a Fabletics store being members and a further 25% become members inside the store.



Using Online Data as a Retail Strategy and Focusing on Culture, Accessibility and People



Fabletics knows that it should show the precise content in both physical and digital forms as a way of not destroying the brand journey of the customer. The store stocks items that match the preferences of the local members. Fabletics has its fair share of issues but as it evolves and expands to other territories, it considers lifestyle balance, customer experience and consumer education. The brand understands the “new” consumer.



About Fabletics



Fabletics is an e-commerce site dealing with women’s accessories (athleisure) and sportswear. It offers its customers with personalized outfits that are made to match the members’ fashion and lifestyle preferences. Fabletics is a subsidiary of JustFab (TechStyle Fashion Group). It was launched in 2013 by Kate Hudson alongside JustFab’s co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler after identifying a gap in the activewear market.

InnovaCare Health: top provider of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of managed medical care within North America. This institution offers its services under two main groups that include Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs. There are two Medicare Advantage centers that are situated in Puerto Rico. These two centers include MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice and have approximately two hundred thousand members that are cared for by over 7,500 physicians. The main objective of this institution is to offer superior quality medical care to its patients.

InnovaCare has an excellent leadership team that is credited for its success. Two of the top leaders of the organization include the Chief Executive Officer, Rick Shinto and Chief Operating Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Rick Shinto is also the president of the company. Previously, he was the head of MMM Healthcare, Inc and also Aventa Inc. In addition, Dr. Shinto was the head of PMC Medicare Choice, Inc, and the Medical Pathways Management Company. He has more than twenty years’ experience in clinical and operational medical care within managed care.

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As for Penelope Kokkinides, she returned to the firm in 2015 having previously worked there. She was formerly the head of operations for InnovaCare, Inc. and also for Aventa Inc. Kokkinides has approximately twenty years’ experience in medical care concentrating on government plans. Also, she is very knowledgeable in creating clinical programs and supervising medical care procedures with the aim of enhancing competence and company infrastructure.

One of the major reforms that the leadership team has enacted in InnovaCare Health is the improvement of the payment techniques. In August 2016, InnovaCare joined the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) so as to develop payment procedures. LAN is a public-private partnership that is intended to shift the American health structure to payment methods in relation to quality instead of quantity. Health and Human Services created LAN in 2015. InnovaCare supports the LAN’s responsibility of speeding up the transformation to different types of payment methods. In addition, InnovaCare has formed company objectives that are aimed to support the payment improvements.

One of the values of this institution is that for a company to grow, it needs experienced leadership, attainment of results-oriented objectives and organization honesty. InnovaCare is privileged to have very competent and experienced leaders such as Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto that have made it a top medical care provider.

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Universal Wisdom Can be Found Through the Kabbalah Centre

The work of The Kabbalah Centre has never been limited to people of a specific faith or belief system as it goes about bringing the teachings that began in Judaism to those who seek enlightenment around the world. Upon its establishment in the 1960s, The Kabbalah Centre was looking to expand on the work done by Jewish teachers who had begun to reveal and evolve these teachings with an eye on bringing as many people as possible a glimpse of the universal wisdom that has been explored since ancient times.

The history of the teaching of Kabbalah has an oral tradition dating back to the story of Adam and Abraham who are said to have passed on the teaching to keep it alive; Moses is said to have been another who had the universal wisdom of Kabbalah revealed to him and has often had the stories of his life in the Bible held up as coded revelations based on the Kabbalah.

For a number of decades The Kabbalah Centre has looked to reveal many of the secrets of the teachings first committed to paper by Zohar, a second century expert in Hebrew and Judaism who hoped to record the path to universal wisdom for the future. The Kabbalah Centre looks to expand upon the work of Zohar and more modern interpretations of the Kabbalah that were brought to Europe, North America, and the rest of the world by Rav Philip Berg in the 1960s. Because the universal wisdom of the Kabbalah does not deal with a specific God it has evolved under the teachers of The Kabbalah Centre to be used by students of any faith to expand their minds.

The Kabbalah has always been complex and difficult for many to understand because it deals with an opening of mind and body to the wisdom of the world, which takes up around 99 percent of the world around us that remains unseen. Allowing the light, or universal wisdom, to enter the body and take over in a way that makes the student more spiritual in a way often associated with new age mysticism.

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Lovaganza Has Officially Announced Dates for its International Celebration Event

Lovaganza has started to prepare for its global celebration event, which will run from May to September 2020 at once in eight different locations globally. These locations include Asia, America, Africa, Oceania, Europe, and the Middle East. The event aims at celebrating cultural diversity using cutting-edge entertainment features such as immersive attractions, motion pictures, live events, and exhibitions. Initially, Lovaganza had planned to hold the event in 2015 but decided to push it further to 2020.

Lovaganza postponed the event as a strategy for leveraging innovative entertainment technologies, which are in the development process. The franchise is optimistic that new and amazing technologies will be available by 2020. During the upcoming event, Lovaganza will offer its fans a virtual tour of distinct cultures available in the world.

A host of preliminary events

Lovaganza is planning to hold a set of events in preparation for the 2020 global event on lovaganza.com. A Traveling Show will kick off in 2017, and its principal purpose is to popularize the 2020 event, its purpose, and objectives attached to it.

Additionally, it will present a tester of Lovaganza Entertainment franchise’ incredible glass 3D immersive experience. Later on, three prominent movies will be displayed during the Lovaganza traveling pavilions through the unique glassless 3D technology.

Lovaganza will present the motion pictures via the standard 3D as well as 2D centers. The preliminary shooting of the series has started in several countries like Spain, France, and the U.S. Filming in India, Africa, and other parts of the world is set to take place later. The entertainment franchise will present the movie trilogy during the traveling venues on sophisticated Immerscope screens, establishing a one-of-a-kind cinematic experience.


Lovaganza has structured its organizing and branding wings in two distinct categories: Lovaganza Entertainment Franchise and the charitable protocol, The Lovaganza Foundation. The former provides worldwide entertainment to instigate and bring wonders to the world’s audiences through discovering all the distinct cultures and countries on earth. The former (The Lovaganza Foundation) will leverage the success and incredible global presence of the entertainment wing to make a tangible impact in the world. The foundation will also support local and global philanthropic initiatives. The Lovaganza Foundation will start operating officially in 2018. Immediately after its official launch, the organization will partner with more than ten leading international charities. Towards the end of 2020, The Lovaganza Foundation aims at bringing together all nonprofits that share common goals. Reference: http://lovaganza.tumblr.com/

Baseless Claims on Patents

GTL, an information technology giant, has recently made accusations regarding another company in their industry, Securus Technologies. These claims have arisen on the internet due to GTL apparently discovering that a multitude of different Securus Technologies patents have expired and the company has continued to safeguard these products despite this. After much research was done by Securus and several third party allies, it has been proven that these claims are baseless and inaccurate. Securus still maintains their patent codes and will continue to do so for years to come.


Securus is an interesting company as it provides security and communication solutions to a very unique customer base. These customers that Securus serves are incarcerated individuals currently serving times within the United States prison system. These consumers are often times ignored by other corporations for their social status, but Securus embraces and accepts them. One product that Securus offers these customers is a free downloadable application for both Apple and Android devices that allows inmates to wirelessly communicate with their loved ones through seamless video chat. This allows family members to bypass annoying time intervals for visitation transportation and of course irritable and uncomfortable security checks at the prisons themselves.


For their work with inmates and their family members Securus Technologies is not only an information technology company but a humanitarian organization as well. They provide reliable and quality level services and products to consumers who the rest of the world would rather forget about. The news that their patents remain in their hands means that Securus can continue to offer the same high quality support that customers are used to and are able to do business as they are accustomed to unabated and untarnished.


New Technology in Black Card- Magnises

Technology is new ideas easy and simple access to services. The advancement of technology has also brought services, and products close to people especially with the busy schedule. You need not be left behind move with the technology from the use of our smartphones credit cards and now the new magnises card.

Magnises was established in 2014 by its President and CEO Billy. The aim of the card is to connect users as well as the building of an excellent system. The magnises card is a custom-made black card that gives the user an exclusive access to social clubs, occasions, and treaties that can only be accessed through the black card. The magnises black card has an advantage to its user as it is linked to the user’s bank and even credit cards for purposes of easy as well as online payment.

The black card is made of metal, and it is heavy, the use of the card can give you discounts in the restaurants, clubs and one can get a reservation for private and exclusive events as well as special getaways by just a simple flash. Billy, the founder of magnises, mentioned that their aim is to bring new change as they offer a unique service and product to the people of America by connecting them to their business both online and offline.

Several restaurants and clubs have signed in to the use of the magnises black card including Restaurant La Esquina and Catch, Club Finale and Goldbar, and Spin Studio Syc. The black card has an added advantage that the user can also get discounted helicopter trips to the Hamptons. The company has been experiencing marvelous expansion only a few years after it has been established. It is now serving more than 6000 members who pay $250 every year.

Magnises have developed a mobile app that assists the user to know of the upcoming events, and they can book as well as getting immediate access to bookings. The company recently moved to the Lowest East side of Rivington from West Village townhouse. Magnises management announced that is raising enough revenue and is looking forward to its expansion to be able to reach to more American citizens as well as going global.

Billy McFarland is a college dropout who was born in New York City and raised in Short Hills New Jersey. Billy McFarland attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg where he studied Computer Science, but he dropped out at the end of his freshman year to start his business. His Magnises Company was established in 2013 and was publicly launched in 2014.

Access To Property Reports Made Digital

Nationwide Title Clearing was founded in the year 1991. It is privately owned. It operates from different offices across the globe with its headquarters being at Palm Harbor. The company lists under bonds and mortgage organizations. Nationwide Title Clearing carries out research and audits for firms dealing with mortgage lending. It also provides documentation services for investors in the United States of America. The company also offers tax and audit reports carried out by selected firms or individuals. Nationwide Title Clearing has recently introduced another package. The package comprises of in-depth training in regards to the pillars of mortgage financing. The training program will take two days. Training will either be at the customers’ location or the training center at the company headquarters. The estimated annual revenue that the company generates is between 100 to 500 million dollars Nationwide Title Clearing is a significant source of employment. It has employed more than 200 employees. The company is run by John Hillman who is the president. Under Hillman, there are several vice-presidents in charge of several departments.

Nationwide Title Clearing has finally come in to address the issue raised concerning title defects. Addressing the issue was made possible by making property reports accessible through the web. However, to get access to this information, an order will have to be placed. Title defects have caused delays during property sale. There is a rising concern that the defects also cause foreclosure. The NTC executives said that the availability of property reports would allow a quick transition of houses and minimize the chances of foreclosure.
These defects mainly occur when the property claimed still belongs to another party. It occurs due to factors like wrong wordings, unsigned deed, and unprocedural filling. The CEO, John Hillman pointed out that the key to avoiding these kinds of flaws can be addressed during sale or transfer of property. He further stated that the company had put measures to minimize these defects by making verification reports, owner reports, and tax status reports available online.

Nationwide Title Clearing has made it their core goal to simplify, hasten, and provide guided steps in the process of ensuring property reports security. The company assures that all property reports are from actual records. Data furnished by the organization is obtained from many selected sources. It’s verified by machine and also by people. This process eliminates mistakes and ensures data presented is accurate. The process of verification has made it easier for the company to provide it services to lenders in the States with little or no deviations.

Nationwide Title Clearing has earned the trust of most of the largest lending corporations in the States. Something they have attributed to the company’s ability to understand and satisfy their customer requirements. Mostly, they have attributed their success to the provision of accurate data to their clients.

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Andy Wirth Appointed to Serve as Chairman of Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority

The Reno-Tahoe Airport Authority Board announced that it had acquired a new look. According to a recent report, the board will have three new members and a new chairman. The new board members took their seats in July. Andy Wirth, the Chief Executive Officer of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows will be the chairman of the board.

Andy Wirth was appointed to this position by the current Reno-Sparks Convention and Visitors Authority. Jenifer Rose, Lisa Gianoli, and Jessica Sferrazza are the new members of the board. The new members have already been sworn in.

In a statement to the media, Andy Wirth said that the new members would bring great new ideas that will help to take the airport to another level. The experienced CEO added that the new team is skilled and very talented in their careers. The team is dedicated to improving the traveling facilities to and from the region.

Andy Wirth was first appointed to the board in the year 2013 by the RSCVA. He has worked in international resort management resort for a long time, and he has all the experience needed for the position. Andy has also had the opportunity of working with several airlines in the past to develop flights for the resorts in Canada, Utah, and Colorado.

As a member of the board, Andy had several responsibilities. His primary responsibility was acting as the bridge between the Reno-Sparks region and Lake Tahoe. According to the press release, Andy was representing the airport that serves as the gateway to Lake Tahoe region.

Andy is excited to serve RSCVA and also work as the Chairman of the board. He believes that the airport department is critical to the economy of the region. If the air service in the area is enhanced, the ski industry will benefit significantly, and all the gaming and business communities will register a growth too.

Andy Wirth was appointed to work as the CEO of Squaw Valley and Alpine Meadows several years ago, and since then, he has brought a lot of changes in the region. More tourists from the globe flock the resorts every year to enjoy the excellent facilities offered.

Geoffrey Cone’s Take on New Zealand and Taxes

Geoffrey Cone, a New Zealand native, has worked hard in his life to make himself a global attorney. He has been a major part of many different projects and has served many different clients around the world. He has been able to help people with different problems and has done so through various avenues and has been there to help with many different things. As a global attorney, he works to help people who are planning to move to different countries get what they need to get done before they make the move. This is one of the specialties that he offers from his law firm and something that he does on a regular basis.

One thing that he specializes in is helping people find a country that has no tax or has very low taxes. Sometimes, this is the only reason that expats are motivated to move and is something that they have been trying to do for a long time when they finally get the chance to do it. Geoffrey Cone is able to help them with this and is able to provide them with lists of countries that are low tax or are completely free of any tax.

There are many people who have inquired about New Zealand and who want to move there because they think that the country does not require them to pay taxes just to live there. This is something that people think is true but it is not something that New Zealand is known for. There are many things that they can choose to do but tax-free is not an option in New Zealand. It is a good idea to find other areas for people who want to live in countries that are free of taxes.

Geoffrey Cone works with these individuals. He helped to put together the no-tax list of countries. He wants people who want to be able to live tax-free to be able to reach that dream. He knows that they will be more successful if they have his help and he wants them to always be successful. He knows what it is like to want to find a tax-free country and to struggle to do so because he is someone who lives tax-free. He is able to because he is self-employed and because he has many different job titles that he must fill in his law firm.

When Geoffrey Cone helps his clients, he always makes sure that tax-free countries may not be the best options for them. He wants people to know that tax-free is only for people who make a lot of money and who are self-employed. These are the only people who will benefit from being tax-free because of the way that they make money. They may not be able to make as much money in a different country because of the taxes that they would have to pay in each of those countries and because of how expensive it can get to live on self-employment.