The Traveling Vineyard Gives People Access To Direct Sales Consultants

Introverts that may be interested in coming out of their shell may consider the route for direct sales. When they make the decision to do this there are all types of opportunities that await them.

One of the best direct sales opportunities lies within the selling of wine. The Traveling Vineyard is one such company that allows people that are interested in the selling of wine to become a leader in their area. It does not matter where someone lives. If they are interested in selling premium wines the Traveling Vineyard is able to provide them with all of the tools that they need to be successful.

The success of the concept is based on the business model. The way that it works is as follows: inexperienced wine consultants will be groomed for the business of direct sales by other consultants that have already gained the necessary experience that is needed to do the job. This is a great way to build a team and expand regardless of your geographical location.

The way that this model is implemented has a lot to do with the success of the people that become consultants. The great thing about the Traveling Vineyard is that the consultants never feel like they are alone. Even if they have never tasted any wine before they have the ability to gain knowledge on the different type of wines that are available. They get the chance to learn about the process and all of the different types of wine that people may be interested in. The experienced consultant has the ability to guide new consultants towards what is popular and any upcoming changes that may affect their business.

The grim reality is that direct sales is a difficult thing to start off with if you are new to it. Fortunately, the Traveling Vineyard has one of the most dynamic business models around because there are experienced consultants and there are also conferences throughout the year that provide even more training. This gives new consultants that are trying to establish themselves with indirect sales for wine a great advantage. They have the ability to meet new people and gain ideas that can really help them sell more wine.

The Traveling Vineyard has a plethora of different wines for consumers to choose. This is another thing that makes the process of consulting about wines easier for many Traveling Vineyard Representatives.

Creating a One-of-a-Kind Online Shopping Experience at Fabletics

If you have bought sporting apparel at Amazon recently, you know how challenging this process has become. It is difficult to know how the items will fit until you have them in your hand, and more often than not you return them to find your size is now out of stock or discontinued.


Women have found a new way to shop that is unlike anything they have experienced in years, and it is all thanks to Fabletics.


Fabletics was co-founded by Kate Hudson, and has transformed the sports apparel buying experience. With super low prices and free shipping on all orders, you might want to take a closer look at how this company is changing the way you shop for yoga pants and workout equipment.


To start, your very first order is only $25 with free shipping. So that $149 yoga pants set you have had your eye on will be delivered to your door for $25 shipped. Fabletics has taken the reverse showrooming and made it part of their appeal. It works like this, you hit a showroom and find some workout apparel you want but are not ready to buy. The store automatically places those items in your online shopping cart, so the next time you log into your account, there are all the pieces of apparel you already tried on and love.


After your first order has been delivered, you are encouraged to return to the Fabletics website and fill out a Lifestyle Quiz. Once completed, you are now a VIP member who will enjoy everything they sell for $49.95. That means the 2-piece yoga pants set you just saw in the store for $123 is yours for $49.95 with free shipping. Compare that to Amazon, where Prime members get 2 days shipping at a cost of $79+ a year. What kind of VIP treatment is that?


Where Fabletics really raises the bar is with the shopping assistant you are assigned after becoming a VIP member. The sales associate will match a new item each month with your profile quiz answers, and add it to your cart. If you want the item, you checkout as usual. You also have the option to pass on it or skip shopping this month. Nothing ever ships from Fabletics without your approval first.


Let’s take a look at what women around the country are saying about their unique Fabletics shopping experience.


Gina commented at Krazy Lady coupon, “I keep coming back each month just to see what items my sales team pick out for me. I have not been disappointed yet!”


Victoria commented at Trust Pilot, “I love the quality of the items I order at Fabletics. Everything is durable and I look great when I head to the gym to get in a workout.”


Susan remarked at A Foodie Stays Fit, “The prices can not be beat, the shipping is free, the merchandise is high-quality, and Kate Holmes is associated with the company! I love everything about shopping at this website.”

Highland Capital Management to Raise Capital

The Highland Capital Management, L.P. Cofounder and President, James Dondero stated that his firm was granted a $1 million challenge award to assist The Family Place, Dallas top notch organization that supports the victims who have experienced family violence, find capital of about $2.8 million for the next six months for its legacy campaign. All this was revealed during the Family Place Award Luncheon at the Hilton Anatole in Dallas, Texas.



The grant will match the 50 percent of any funds which was raised up for the capital campaign up to $1million for that moment until April 4th, 2017, the grant will be served by the Highland Dallas Foundation, Inc. the arm of the Highland Capital Management whose responsibility is to handle the philanthropic activities.



From October 4th, 2016 the Family place has managed to come up with $200, 000 for the Legacy campaign that is expected to be equal with $100,000 with the help of the Highland’s financial funds. The Family Place will be successful in its campaign in its goal in the raising $16.5 million after it raises the $2.8 million that is left to meet that target.



The Family Place Legacy Campaign seek to support the building and running of the new Central Dallas Counselling Center that is meant for family victim named in respect of Ann Moody. The building is designed by recognized architect firm known as Corgan. The Ann Moody Place has 13 emergencies shelter bedrooms, dental as well as the medical clinic, a call center, several private as well as group counseling rooms meant for children as well as adult and multi-utility spaces for job training.



James Dandero the president and co-founder of the Highland Capital Management are successful Dallas-based hedge fund manager who has excelled through the management of his firm. He is rich in experience, and thus this has made Dondero as one of the most sought-after hedge fund managers. Throughout his career, he has demonstrated above board leadership skills through the works that he has done in the firms he has served.



James journey started in 1984 in the Morgan Guaranty training program where he was serving as analyst. During the course of his career, he went on to serve huge companies such as American Express in the position of the Analyst and Portfolio Manager. His success is as result of hard work and dedication.

Igor Cornelsen Offers Insightful Investment Advice

Investing in commodities, foreign exchange, precious metals or any other area can be tricky. Insightful advice and guidance from an experienced professional can make the difference between success and failure. Igor Cornelsen is one such person. For several decades he has been considered an investment expert in Brazil and worldwide. His reputation was built not only on the success of many of his clients, but also on his experience working in some of the world’s largest banks and most lucrative companies. This enables him to give accurate investment advice about world markets.

These days Cornelsen is the principal behind the investment firm Bainbridge Group Incorporated. Through this firm he dispenses unmatched investment advice and guides people to lucrative opportunities. He has also helped numerous people to capitalize on stock markets all over the world. Cornelsen is also hailed as the man with the most knowledge about investing in Brazil. The country’s stock markets are seen as particularly volatile, but Igor Cornelsen has long proven himself adept at anticipating the Brazilian markets and the country’s economic fortunes.

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Igor Cornelsen played a role in the leadership of some of Brazil’s largest and wealthiest banks and businesses for many years. This endows him with an understanding of the Brazilian markets and economy few can match. To many people he is the perfect investment advisor for today’s volatile international markets on He can help people identify which companies to avoid and which ones to invest in for the long term. Cornelsen can also help clients develop the type of diversified portfolio required to shield them from major losses and improve their chances of making money.

After many years of guiding top level banks and businesses as well as governments, Cornelsen now shares his knowledge, experience and advice with the average investor at He is able to share an insiders perspective of what to expect from companies depending on social and economic conditions and how government regulations could impact a company in the short and long term. Cornelsen offers the type of advice that makes investing a lot less confusing and improves the investor’s chances of being successful.

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water Realizes a 5000 Percent Growth

Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water is a water brand that was launched in 2012. Two years after its establishment, the company’s productivity rose to 5,000 percent. This growth is attributed to the brand’s charity work and sustainability practices.

As a premium water brand, most of Waiakea’s clients are from the United States. The company distributes bottled water to over 2,000 stores. In celebration of the tremendous growth, Waiakea launched a new manufacturing plant.

Ryan Emmons is the brains behind Waiakea Hawaiian Volcanic Water. He said that his company had accomplished a lot in a few years.

Organic Authority also said that he also pointed out how Waiakea Water advanced from distributing a couple of thousand cases in one year to distributing over 120,000 cases. Emmons also said that the firm’s growth would expand its services to serve African communities with clean water.

Partnership with Pump Aid

Besides its unique sales and marketing strategies, Waiakea grew productively due to its partnership with Pump Aid. The partnership allows Waiakea to donate 650 liters for every liter of clean water sold. Waiakea water contains a higher composition of minerals, alkaline, and electrolytes. The water is usually packed in bottles that are recycled under the rPET initiative.

Waiakea’s Yearly Growth of 170 Percent

Emmons said that Waiakea’s growth could also be attributed to the company’s uniqueness. He gave an example of when the firm was certified CarbonNeutral. Emmons said that the certification is usually granted to companies that adhere to sustainability and ethics principles in production.

According to Baby Boomster, Waiakea Water usually records a yearly increase of about 170 percent. The company’s products are readily available in stores such as Wawa and Whole Foods. These products will also be available in international stores of selected countries in the future. Based on the sales increase, Waiakea was worth more than $10 million in 2014.


One exciting factor about Waiakea water is that its products are sourced from the Mauna Loa Volcano. The volcanic mountain has rain and snowmelt water that is normally tapped for processing. Waiakea has been praised as one of the brands to focus on selling water rich in electrolytes and minerals.

Apart from soft mouth-feel, Waiakea spring water has numerous health benefits. According to the founder, Ryan Emmons, the company also cherishes giving back to the community. For instance, Waiakea and Pump Aid recently toured remote areas of Ethiopia and Nepal that suffered from water shortages. During the tour, the two companies installed pumps to serve more than 600 families in these regions.

Create Joy and Fulfillment with Kabbalah

Kabbalah is a wisdom that provides you with the tools that are needed to create joy and fulfillment that will last. The Kabbalah Centre teaches Kabbalah. It is a non-profit organization and they make the Kabbalah principles something that are easy for others to understand and relevant so they are able to apply them to their daily lives. Students are provided with tools that are spiritual and that are based on the kabbalistic principles. The students are then able to apply those principles however they see fit to not only help them improve their own lives but also to help them make the world a better place. The Kabbalah Centre was founded in 1922 by someone by the name of Rav Yehuda Ashlag. This Centre now has more than 40 locations as well as a very widespread online presence.

Kabbalah has developed many meanings over time and to different people it can mean different things. The Kabbalah Centre understands this and supports all of the different interpretations of the Kabbalah principle around the world. The Kabbalah Centre teaches this way of thinking as a wisdom that is universal and that predates religion or the Bible. They teaches that anyone can study Kabbalah, regardless of their path or their faith. They also teach in a way that describes the way creation started including the existence of humans and the journey that a soul takes.

The mission of the Kabbalah Centre is to provide a platform where they are able to help their students improve their lives. They accomplish this by providing their students with the spiritual tools that are based on the kabbalistic principles. The students are then able to apply these principles as they see fit so that they can make better decisions and not only improve their lives and benefit themselves but also help make the world a better place. This application of the kabbalistic principles is what is able to create the positive difference in all of the student’s life journeys.

OSI Food Solutions Bags a Globe of Honor Award

The new recipient of the 2016 Globe of Honor Award was OSI Food Solutions. The company was presented the award by the British Safety Council’s Mike Robinson. The ceremony took place at Drapers’ Hall in London city. OSI Food Solutions managed to bag the award because of its management approaches on environmental risks. 18 institutions were also honored at the ceremony. These organizations were recognized for their straightforwardness in environmental management.

Criteria for Winning the Globe of Honor Award

The British Safety Council (BSC) drafted criteria that would be used to select the winners of the award. An institution was required to earn five stars on environmental management auditing. The audit was carried out from August 2015 to July 2016. It was also carried out by environmental experts. These experts assessed the measures for environmental management adopted by the candidates and awarded marks accordingly. Lynda Armstrong congratulated OSI Food Solutions for their excellence. As the chairperson of the British Safety Council, she said that winners of the award had adopted an integrated approach towards environmental protection. She also added that the institutions had complied with health and safety requirements hence being sustainable in operation.

Kelly Grimwood received the Globe of Honor Award on behalf of OSI Food Solutions. British Safety Council’s chief executive Mike Robinson said that OSI excelled because of its leadership. He also urged other institutions to strive for excellence in leadership. OSI Food Solutions has been serving clients with food products since 1989. Its food products include beef and pork. The company mainly serves restaurants. It won the Globe of Honour twice in 2013 as well as in 2015.

Acquisition of Tyson Food Plant

OSI Food stands out from other food companies because of its timely acquisitions. The company recently acquired Tyson Foods located in Chicago at a record $7.4 million. The new acquisition was documented by the Cook County Recorder of Deeds. As a privately owned food company, OSI specializes in a range of meat products. These include bacon and breakfast sausage. In the company’s official website, clients can get access to the products from over 60 processing facilities in 16 nations. Tyson Foods excels in preparing meals that target consumers in the hospitality sector. The company’s flagship products include crepes, meatballs and tempura chicken. Tyson Foods also operated in South Side, Chicago. Under new management, OSI will oversee the firm’s processing operations and growth strategies.

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Review of Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Facing Off with Amazon

Tasting success in the fashion e-commerce is not a simple feat given that Amazon controls 20% of this market, but Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has managed to grow its $250 million business in just three years. Fabletics, a part of the ‘activewear’ growing movement, is using a subscription mechanic to deliver clothing to customers. The line is premised on a simple idea where customers like aspirational brands that push them abit, mixed with membership and convenience to create a powerful combination.



Shift in Economics



Brands of a higher value have from the past relied on being defined on the basis of quality of products or services and price. However, there has been a shift in the economics which renders this combination null as it does not guarantee success or remain competitive. There are new determinants to what constitutes high-value to the modern consumers. These are brand recognition, customer experience, last-mile service, gamification elements and exclusive design. Fabletics has a positioning and strategy akin to that of Warby Parker and Apple, which is paying off well as the brand is set to open up more new stores. They will add to the sixteen stores that are open in places like Illinois, California, Hawaii and Florida.



What is the Secret?



Gregg Throgmartin, Fabletics’ general manager thinks their secret is the building of a re-imagined and modern version of a high-value brand from the first day. He added that their membership model allowed them to offer customers a personalized service as well as on-trend fashion at half the competitor’s prices. He summed it up by saying that it is easier for Fabletics to make their customers happy as it knows who they are and their needs.



How are Fabletics Stores Different?



Fabletics is different from its competitors as it allows “reverse showrooming” unlike its competitors who are affected by showrooming. The latter refers to when customers browse for products offline and buy them from other cheaper areas. Fabletics reversed this model when it started out and turned browsing positive instead of negative. Fabletics looked at building relationships with its customers and understand the markets well through activities and events. This resulted in 30-50% of all people entering into a Fabletics store being members and a further 25% become members inside the store.



Using Online Data as a Retail Strategy and Focusing on Culture, Accessibility and People



Fabletics knows that it should show the precise content in both physical and digital forms as a way of not destroying the brand journey of the customer. The store stocks items that match the preferences of the local members. Fabletics has its fair share of issues but as it evolves and expands to other territories, it considers lifestyle balance, customer experience and consumer education. The brand understands the “new” consumer.



About Fabletics



Fabletics is an e-commerce site dealing with women’s accessories (athleisure) and sportswear. It offers its customers with personalized outfits that are made to match the members’ fashion and lifestyle preferences. Fabletics is a subsidiary of JustFab (TechStyle Fashion Group). It was launched in 2013 by Kate Hudson alongside JustFab’s co-CEOs Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler after identifying a gap in the activewear market.

InnovaCare Health: top provider of Medicare Advantage plans and physician practice services

InnovaCare Health is a leading provider of managed medical care within North America. This institution offers its services under two main groups that include Provider Networks and Medicare Advantage and Medicaid Programs. There are two Medicare Advantage centers that are situated in Puerto Rico. These two centers include MMM Healthcare and PMC Medicare Choice and have approximately two hundred thousand members that are cared for by over 7,500 physicians. The main objective of this institution is to offer superior quality medical care to its patients.

InnovaCare has an excellent leadership team that is credited for its success. Two of the top leaders of the organization include the Chief Executive Officer, Rick Shinto and Chief Operating Officer, Penelope Kokkinides. Rick Shinto is also the president of the company. Previously, he was the head of MMM Healthcare, Inc and also Aventa Inc. In addition, Dr. Shinto was the head of PMC Medicare Choice, Inc, and the Medical Pathways Management Company. He has more than twenty years’ experience in clinical and operational medical care within managed care.

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As for Penelope Kokkinides, she returned to the firm in 2015 having previously worked there. She was formerly the head of operations for InnovaCare, Inc. and also for Aventa Inc. Kokkinides has approximately twenty years’ experience in medical care concentrating on government plans. Also, she is very knowledgeable in creating clinical programs and supervising medical care procedures with the aim of enhancing competence and company infrastructure.

One of the major reforms that the leadership team has enacted in InnovaCare Health is the improvement of the payment techniques. In August 2016, InnovaCare joined the Health Care Payment Learning and Action Network (LAN) so as to develop payment procedures. LAN is a public-private partnership that is intended to shift the American health structure to payment methods in relation to quality instead of quantity. Health and Human Services created LAN in 2015. InnovaCare supports the LAN’s responsibility of speeding up the transformation to different types of payment methods. In addition, InnovaCare has formed company objectives that are aimed to support the payment improvements.

One of the values of this institution is that for a company to grow, it needs experienced leadership, attainment of results-oriented objectives and organization honesty. InnovaCare is privileged to have very competent and experienced leaders such as Penelope Kokkinides and Rick Shinto that have made it a top medical care provider.

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Universal Wisdom Can be Found Through the Kabbalah Centre

The work of The Kabbalah Centre has never been limited to people of a specific faith or belief system as it goes about bringing the teachings that began in Judaism to those who seek enlightenment around the world. Upon its establishment in the 1960s, The Kabbalah Centre was looking to expand on the work done by Jewish teachers who had begun to reveal and evolve these teachings with an eye on bringing as many people as possible a glimpse of the universal wisdom that has been explored since ancient times.

The history of the teaching of Kabbalah has an oral tradition dating back to the story of Adam and Abraham who are said to have passed on the teaching to keep it alive; Moses is said to have been another who had the universal wisdom of Kabbalah revealed to him and has often had the stories of his life in the Bible held up as coded revelations based on the Kabbalah.

For a number of decades The Kabbalah Centre has looked to reveal many of the secrets of the teachings first committed to paper by Zohar, a second century expert in Hebrew and Judaism who hoped to record the path to universal wisdom for the future. The Kabbalah Centre looks to expand upon the work of Zohar and more modern interpretations of the Kabbalah that were brought to Europe, North America, and the rest of the world by Rav Philip Berg in the 1960s. Because the universal wisdom of the Kabbalah does not deal with a specific God it has evolved under the teachers of The Kabbalah Centre to be used by students of any faith to expand their minds.

The Kabbalah has always been complex and difficult for many to understand because it deals with an opening of mind and body to the wisdom of the world, which takes up around 99 percent of the world around us that remains unseen. Allowing the light, or universal wisdom, to enter the body and take over in a way that makes the student more spiritual in a way often associated with new age mysticism.

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