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Nationwide Title Clearing was founded in the year 1991. It is privately owned. It operates from different offices across the globe with its headquarters being at Palm Harbor. The company lists under bonds and mortgage organizations. Nationwide Title Clearing carries out research and audits for firms dealing with mortgage lending. It also provides documentation services for investors in the United States of America. The company also offers tax and audit reports carried out by selected firms or individuals. Nationwide Title Clearing has recently introduced another package. The package comprises of in-depth training in regards to the pillars of mortgage financing. The training program will take two days. Training will either be at the customers’ location or the training center at the company headquarters. The estimated annual revenue that the company generates is between 100 to 500 million dollars Nationwide Title Clearing is a significant source of employment. It has employed more than 200 employees. The company is run by John Hillman who is the president. Under Hillman, there are several vice-presidents in charge of several departments.

Nationwide Title Clearing has finally come in to address the issue raised concerning title defects. Addressing the issue was made possible by making property reports accessible through the web. However, to get access to this information, an order will have to be placed. Title defects have caused delays during property sale. There is a rising concern that the defects also cause foreclosure. The NTC executives said that the availability of property reports would allow a quick transition of houses and minimize the chances of foreclosure.
These defects mainly occur when the property claimed still belongs to another party. It occurs due to factors like wrong wordings, unsigned deed, and unprocedural filling. The CEO, John Hillman pointed out that the key to avoiding these kinds of flaws can be addressed during sale or transfer of property. He further stated that the company had put measures to minimize these defects by making verification reports, owner reports, and tax status reports available online.

Nationwide Title Clearing has made it their core goal to simplify, hasten, and provide guided steps in the process of ensuring property reports security. The company assures that all property reports are from actual records. Data furnished by the organization is obtained from many selected sources. It’s verified by machine and also by people. This process eliminates mistakes and ensures data presented is accurate. The process of verification has made it easier for the company to provide it services to lenders in the States with little or no deviations.

Nationwide Title Clearing has earned the trust of most of the largest lending corporations in the States. Something they have attributed to the company’s ability to understand and satisfy their customer requirements. Mostly, they have attributed their success to the provision of accurate data to their clients.

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