“Shake” Things Up with Skout

The number of dating sites and apps may be too numerous to peg exactly but there are a bunch. So many apps and sites look and act like clones of one another. Perhaps an app that offers something different is successful just because of that reason. Skout for example, is one of those unique apps

Wen by Chaz Dean Tested And Approved

Just like Emily McClure many people have seen the QVC infomercials for Wen hair care. Intrigued by the Chaz Dean products Emily decided to test out a bottle of cleansing conditioner. In a recent Bustle article Emily documents her week long journey with Wen. Using normal shampoo and conditioner her entire life Emily was somewhat

Madison Street Capital Explains Investing

There is a mystique involving the business of investment banking. Most people do not understand the difference between the banks on Main Street and the investment banks on Wall Street. The difference quite simply is that investment banks do not accept deposits. Everyday banking is the bailiwick of banks on Main Street. The one percenters,