Dick DeVos: A Businessman on a Mission

Dick DeVos has got to be the businessman of the century! With so many entrepreneur endeavors and experience in many different positions, DeVos has proven over and over that he can take the lead. Starting out with the family business, Amway Corporation, in 1974, DeVos worked his way through different positions and soon found himself promoted to vice president in 1984. Amway Corporation is a network sales company that distributes its health, household, and personal care products through dealers.

Being vice president and having operations in 18 countries led DeVos to want to operate on his own. In 1989, DeVos left Amway Corporation and started his own company, The Windquest Group. The Windquest Group was involved in marketing and manufacturing storage and closet organizers. Soon after, he returned to Amway Corporation as the president. He oversaw the reconstruction of the Amway Corporation and established an umbrella firm. This was distinguished as the Alticor Corporation and was composed of the Amway Corporation, the Quixtar Corporation, and the Access Business Group. Later establishing this new structure for the company, the firm expanded its operations to more than 50 countries and territories on six continents. When 2002 came around, DeVos retired as the president of Alticor to devote his full time to the Windquest Group and to political ventures. In 2006, DeVos took a chance with politics. He decided to run for Governor in the state of Michigan. Being one of the richest businessmen to run, DeVos was able to fund his own campaign. Despite his money, he still lost the campaign.

Dick DeVos has been involved in the business aspects for a long time. He is still the current president of the Windquest Group. Proving to be a leader in businesses, DeVos has also led many community roles. One such community role is the Education Freedom Fund. This fund awards more than 4,000 scholarships to underprivileged children in Michigan. He has also been involved in the West Michigan Aviation Academy. This is a high school that aims to provide rigorous educational programs that focus mainly on aviation. These are just a few of the community endeavors that DeVos does in his spare time.

Dick DeVos was named the 67th richest man in the United States by Forbes magazine in 2012 and has a net worth of $5.1 billion. Having attended and graduated with a bachelor’s degree in business administration from Northwood University, DeVos grew up in a business consistent atmosphere by working for his father. This Proved to start a fire inside DeVos for pursuing business and making his way to the top.