Does Kate Hudson’s Fabletics Have Amazon’s Number?

One of the reasons that Amazon is not concerned about any of the competition chipping away at their profits is because despite there being thousands of competitors. Amazon had a stronghold in the online clothing market, pulling down 20 percent of all the sales in this very crowded space. While it might seem impossible for anyone in this niche to make a go at the giant, Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has not gotten that memo and is making incredible strides to be neck and neck with Amazon. In only three short years, it might come as a surprise to many that Kate Hudson’s Fabletics has already sold over $250 million in women’s workout apparel.

If you ask Hudson how her clothing company has been able to reach such huge numbers in such short time, she will tell you that the success of her athleisure brand has to do with reverse showrooming and the perks associated with her membership package. Since these are not new techniques, especially in the clothing industry, we have to take a closer look to see exactly how things pan out at this level. When you stop by the Fabletics store at the mall, the first thing that you notice is these women are trying on all the clothing without any pressure to buy from the sales associates. Then you have women who are window-shopping or taking the lifestyle quiz, basically a relaxed atmosphere with no-pressure whatsoever.

So now you have to take a trip to the Fabletics e-commerce store to really see sales kicking into high gear. What you will discover immediately is that all the items you have been wearing inside the mall store have been instantly uploaded to your online account. So now you have the opportunity to pick up exactly where you left off in the mall, except you are in a more relaxed atmosphere now. In addition to this, member benefits include free shipping for all online orders, discounted pricing on all workout apparel, and the assistance of a Fabletics personal shopper.

It doesn’t matter if you are shopping for leggings, yoga pants, or tank tops, you can rest assured this is going to be a buying experience that is packed with perks. Kate Hudson’s Fabletics is all about pampering their shoppers, and these shoppers are the ones that wind up turning into loyal customers that return year after year to patronize this amazing women’s workout apparel company.

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