Don Ressler’s Fabletics Coins New Buzzword: Athleisure!

“Our customers told us they want to see and touch the product,” said Adam Goldenberg, co-founder with Don Ressler of JustFab. 
”No one should have to pay $120 for yoga pants,” added Kate Hudson, another Fabletics co-founder. actress and fashion icon.

Taking their customers’ words to heart, Fabletics stores are opening across the nation. Fabletics will soon not be just online, but bricks and mortar stores will be located in:

Columbia, MD

Bridgewater, NJ

Cincinnati, OH

Newark, NJ


St. Louis, MO

Los Angeles, CA

New Market Coins Buzzword: Athleisure
Don Ressler started JustFab in 2010 with Adam Goldenberg, using the web for selling women’s apparel and accessories through a subscription model and have built it into a $1 billion business. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler achieved the enviable epitome of initiating a new buzz word for the market: athleisure, describing the new combined leisure and athletic clothing line for women, as heralded by Kate Hudson, and now also for menswear casual, leisure and athletic apparel, FL2, touted by another Hudson, Kate’s brother Bruce.


Formerly, the reigning casual wear leader was high end and very high priced, considering the price was for items to sweat in. Ressler and his co-founders have succeeded in keeping low costs harnessed with attractive and durable products, and this gave them the momentum to knock the former leaders of fashion leisure wear into the backfield. Adam Goldenberg and Don Ressler have also turned the athletic style up a notch, as hoodies and sweat pants have become approved apparel for errands to other places besides a gym.

JustFab Profile
In the Official JustFab profile, the apparel & accessories membership subscription company provides fabulous fashionistas with a personal stylist and the “hautest” fashions around. They design athletic wear that looks chic while working out, and leisure wear you can wear while popping out on an errand or taking the children to school.

Don Ressler Profile
Don Ressler is Co-Founder and Co-Chief Executive Officer of Intelligent Beauty, Inc., plus JustFab and Fabletics clothing lines. Don Ressler is co-founder, CEO and President of FitnessHeaven.Com, Inc. He has spearheaded ventures that accelerated share value. He co-founded Alena Media and created Hydroderm, optimum skin care brand. Don Ressler raised more than $100 million in Internet companies’ capital, earning a reputation as a business and brand-building guru.