Eric Lefkofsky: The Future of Health Tech

Eric Lefkofsky spent his early years selling carpet as he attended and graduated from the University of Michigan, later turning his way toward the tech age. Eventually, Lefkofsky would co-found the highly popular e-commerce marketplace called Groupon. Throughout the years, he and his wife have dedicated both their time and money to a number of cancer research facilities, as well as becoming members of The Giving People, where they have promised to donate half of their means to promoting the welfare of others.

Lefkofsky is currently the co-founder of the upcoming health tech company called Tempus. Tempus is a company looking to revolutionize the way healthcare, specifically cancer research and treatment, is implemented by taking full advantage of our increasing and diverse technological advances.

According to a study organized at Dartmouth by Yafang Li, PhD, three new genetic biomarkers have been determined as a cause of lung cancer in the Caucasian population. What the university has conducted is called a SNP-smoking interaction analysis, which studies the way our DNA interacts with smoking, and what exactly in one’s genetic makeup qualifies one as a prime candidate for developing lung cancer.

The results that have arrived from the study are three variations of DNA which include two variations for non-small cell lung cancer risk and one variation for squamous cell lung cancer risk.

Information like this is important to Tempus’ foundation. Upon the release of the data, the information would be inputted into the Tempus database, thus providing doctors with immediate discoveries and information, aiding in screenings and treatment decisions.

In the same way that one might use Google’s database to quickly and efficiently answer one’s questions, as a way to get a head start on an assignment, or other work – Lefkofsky and company are hoping to do the same with Tempus and it’s database to propel doctors into quick, efficient and computed treatment for prospective patients.

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