Fabletics Fights Off Competition With Growing Sales

Fabletics is one of the fastest growing companies in the clothing world. Not only is it due to their tasteful athleisure clothing brand that is affordable for all, but it is also thanks to their subscription based selling tactics that keep customers coming back for more and more. Due to customers being able to try articles of clothing on they are more likely to come in to try stuff on and then order it online later. When they go to order the piece of clothing they tried on they tend to find more than just the one item that appeals to their eye, so they purchase it. With online shopping at an ultimate high right now this tactic works well for Fabletics. When having a company especially a clothing one you must take into consideration how big of a competition amazon is. It seems to be that Fabletics has realized their competition with amazon and is managing to completely blow them out of the water with their selling tactics.


Along with being an actress Kate Hudson is the co-founder and ultimate face of Fabletics. Kate Hudson works very diligently to help in all areas of Fabletics. So aside from choosing the pieces of clothing that are released for sale she also controls some of the harder tasks at Fabletics. Although Kate Hudson has been extremely successful in her business venture as a co-founder of Fabletics she is not ready to give up what she is known for just yet. She enjoys Fabletics but loves being an actress more than anything and its overall what she wants to be known for doing in her lifetime. Kate Hudson’s strength to be an actress and have a successful business at the same time along with her very athletic lifestyle makes her a great role model for young woman and men everywhere who are looking to not only succeed in life but to succeed and continue to do what they love in this case for Kate Hudson it would be being an actress.


With as well as Fabletics has been doing sense launching there is no doubt that they will be the face of athleisure clothing for quite a long time to come. They will continue to produce the highest quality clothing on the market for the most reasonable price around. Fabletics is great because everyone can afford to look good with their great prices.

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