Fabletics Offers Personalized Service to the Customer

In an area where Amazon controls 20% of the fashion market, it was quite the task for Fabletics to come as far as it did-and in just three short years. Fabletics has grown to be worth $250 million and continues to grow.


In a world where high value brands are now defined by things like last-mile service, brand recognition, gamification, exclusive design, and the customer experience, Fabletics delivers the goods. As a subscription service, Fabletics offers convenience as well as membership which is quite the powerful combination.


Fasbletics plans to open more retail stores in Illinois, Hawaii, California, and Florida and 30-50% of their in-store customers are already members, with 255 becoming members in-store.


Fabletics has turned browsing into a positive by avoiding the pop-up store model and instead building relationships and getting familiar with the local markets through activities and events.


Fabletics’ lower priced clothing makes it really stand out form Nike, Lululemon, Athleta, and Under Armour and customers really like the personalized service that the company offers.


Fabletics now how more than 21 million Twitter followers and has opened 18 successful retail stores and has 1.2 million members monthly in eight countries. Fabletics has become so popular not only because of the trendy clothing line, but also because of the personalized service and a price that is a fraction of what competitors are charging for active wear. Fabletics has recently expanded into plus sizes which opens the, market even more and encourages women form every shape and size to embrace a healthy lifestyle.


Hudson honed in on a market opportunity that was overlooked by other companies and turned it into a lucrative business. She also stays very hands on and is always monitoring what sells and what doesn’t and adjusts her collections so that the non-popular items are removed from the online and retail stores. Hudson also believes that it’s important to use creative marketing and to use data to better understand the customer. The Lifestyle Quiz that new members do when they join the club not only helps the customer to get personalized service, but it also helps the company to get a better idea of what is in high demand.


Hudson believes that it’s very important to not only believe in your self but to also take risks. She thinks that if you live what you are passionate about you will be able to conquer anything.

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