Governments That Give Their Citizens Basic Human Rights

Way back during World War II, one man helped save the entire merchant marine fleet of Norway by advising the king of his home country, Venezuela. That man was Thor Halvorssen’s grandfather, Øystein. This was nothing new in the area of leadership for Halvorssen or his ancestry in the large South American country. His country’s original Liberator, Simón Bolívar, was actually one of Thor’s direct ancestors. His mother is related to Venezuela’s first President, Cristóbal Mendoza.

After centuries of his families efforts for freedom, Thor Halvorssen has accomplished his own work to bring liberty to all, in his native Venezuela and also in other places where governments oppress their own citizenry. He points to other countries, such as North Korea, as sick and twisted examples of governments that must change for the good of all. Thor Halvorssen points to several elements of the Venezuelan government that he says exactly match the evil exhibited by North Korea.

Of course, freedom fighters are kind of like pioneers; they get arrows. Thor’s family has often paid dearly, even in modern times, for their stand for basic human rights and the right kind of democratic socialist government. His father was abducted by the evil state torturers, who illegally imprisoned him and tortured him for a long period of time.

Only by immense pressure from many peace activists and statesmen led to his father finally being released. A few years later the same evil forces shot and nearly killed his own mother. Thor’s cousin is still being wrongly imprisoned, until the present day.

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