How Competent Lawyers Like Bruno Fagali Handle Criminal Cases

There is nothing that is more frustrating than getting into legal issues when you do not have a qualified attorney working for you. Well, in case you are a Brazilian, and you have been involved in any crime, one of the most competent legal professionals that you can contact is Bruno Fagali.

Bruno has been practicing law in Sao Paolo more than one decade, and he has a complete understanding of how the entire system works. The following is the procedure that Bruno recommends to be followed by anyone facing criminal charges.

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When you are arrested, the first thing that the officers will do is that they will tell you the reason for the arrest, and then they will read the Miranda rights to you. Bruno Fagali recommends that when the police tell you to keep quiet, you make sure that you do not say anything else until you have communicated with a competent lawyer like him. Fagali discourages behaviors such as resisting arrest as they complicate the case and add to the charges you are facing.

Once you have been taken down to the station and your details have been captured, you will be allowed to make a phone call. If you contact Bruno’s office at this point, they will come to your rescue and try to see whether the nature of the crime you are being accused of allows you to get bail. Bruno Fagali will organize to post the bond for you. He believes that gathering evidence to argue a criminal case is easier when the accused is free. Bruno Fagali will represent you at the bail hearing and make sure the judge understands that you are not a threat to the community and also that you aren’t a flight risk. Bruno Fagali will find the best ways to convince both the judge and the jury that you deserve a reasonable judgment.

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