Kate Hudson Talks To MarieClaire.Com About Fabletics

Actress Kate Hudson is known for her stunning beauty, lithe, athletic body, and versatile skills. Now she’s breaking new ground. Hudson is co-founder of the fitness brand and membership program on Facebook. Their goal is make it easy for women to look good whether they are working out or going out. With her new line of athleisure wear, Hudson is providing women with multifunctional clothing that allows them to do just that. In a recent interview with MarieClaire.com she spoke about how the goal of her new clothing is to help women look fit and fabulous and feel comfortable without spending too much.

Women look great in athletic wear. Many wish they could capture that same svelte and sexy look when they go out on the town. That’s what Kate Hudson’s new line is designed to do, she explained to MarieClaire.com. The concept is called athleisure. It combines active wear, fitness wear, stylish designs and innovative cuts to make women look their best and feel comfortable wherever they go. Hudson is actually debuting two things at once. There’s a line of swimsuits that doubles as exercise wear and a line of super-chic wear that looks great and holds and molds the body as well.

Both lines help women to look their best. The clothing makes the woman look like she’s spent hours in the gym working her body into tiptop shape. Athleisure is comfortable, casual clothing that can be worn while lounging with friends or on date night. For Hudson it’s a natural progressing for the active woman that wants clothing that feels just as good as it looks. In her Instagram, she says that it’s clothing can be worn wherever and whenever a woman wants. It looks great at work or at play and allows women to seamlessly transition from one mode to the other.

The dresses in the athleisure line are made of the same performance materials as athletic wear, but in cute cuts and spectacular styles. It helps women move with comfort and confidence no matter where her day or her date takes her. She won’t be wearing the dresses to workout, but they feel like she could. The fabric holds everything in place and makes moving around feel easy and look alluring. It’s clothing made for motion whether at work or on the dance floor. Some of the dresses even have bras built in.

Athleisure is comfortable, form-fitting multifunctional active wear that helps women look and feel their best day or night at a price they can easily afford. Swim wear that’s exercise wear and underwear all in one and divine dresses that are sexy enough to draw attention yet designed to prevent wardrobe malfunctions and that’s what fabletics tries to handle. It hakes women look healthy, fit, and fabulous.

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