Martavis Bryant: Fantasy Football

If you have recently had Martavis Bryant high on your Fantasy Football Rankings, then you have probably been a little disappointed recently. Bryant is an excellent player, reaching career highs game after game, but he keeps getting sat out due to failed drug tests, performance issues and minor injuries. Bryant was chosen in the fourth round of the 2014 season, but due to a sprain he sat out the first three games. It is likely this would put him lower on the Fantasy Football Rankings. Once he got some playing time, he was gaining hundreds of yards, touchdowns and receptions, obviously putting him higher on the Fantasy Football Rankings. Just when he was looking good again in 2015 he was suspended from the first four games due to a failed drug test. When he was able to play again, he was back on fire and back at the top of the Fantasy Football Rankings, just to fail another drug test and be suspended for the entire 2016 season.


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