Mopac, the Mobility Solution Fronted by Mike Heiligenstein

Viewpoints editorial once argued for a tech solution to solve the traffic congestion that would go up in Austin. Mike Heiligenstein thanked the American Statesman– Viewpoints for making this observation. On his part, he said that the Central Texas Mobility Authority purposes to come up with such solutions.



The authority built the Leander and theCedar Park Toll roads: 183A. These roads have been of aid to the local communities even as they grow and expand. The authority, according to Mike, has also built toll road betwixt Austin and the Manorarea.



Mike made known that the heart of the authority is innovation. The New MoPac lanes that are being built will have variable sophisticated technology used for tolling and consequently manage the flow of traffic. The variety of tolling rates would ensure predictability of traffic by synchronizing the supply /demand scenario. The idea is to ensure that while most lanes are congested, the express lane moves in spite of the rush hour.



In anticipating the likely scenario that vehicles will be in a position to communicate with road infrastructure, the mobility authority will embed fiber lines along the road project between US 290 and the port.



In partnership with Metropia, a traffic application has been created to be able to provide commuters with alternative routes when there is congestion during rush hour. Equally important is our effort to reach out to commuters to share their ride. Statistics show that a high number of drivers drive home alone in the car.



The statesman talked of the need for people to walk more and pedal as well. The repetitive starting of cars and turning them off on roadways was another reason for the congestion. The mobility authority, through the Highway Emergency Response Operator, will be in place to help the stranded motorists so that they do not remain on the road causing more traffic.



Mike Heiligenstein



In his parting short, Mike, the Executive Director of Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority, says that the authority he works for is determined to ease traffic. Mike is himself a holder of a Bachelor’s Degree from Texas and MA degrees in government and business administration. Mike believes that in partnership with the counties of Texas as well as the cities and departments of transportation, the Central Texas Authority is out to tackle congestion on the roads.



The Central Texas Regional Mobility Authority



This authority was created in 2002 to improve transportation in Travis. It also operates in Williamson. Its mission is to implement innovative solutions in the counties.

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