New Expansion Project for New York Office and Team of Professionals

With the growing popularity of the internet, it is important to have a great online presence. More importantly, a company or person should have a positive image. Most people Google information about a person or a firm before initiating physical contact. Status Labs is one of the best online management firms.

Status Labs have a great a reputation of handling online crisis. They are swift in handling and controlling damage done to the reputation of an individual through online means. Darius Fisher the president of Status Labs has held numerous talks on how to maintain digital hygiene. They advice their clients on basic safety and privacy measures that they must take to ensure they do not get become vulnerable for online preys.

Status Labs offers a variety of services that are unique and efficient. They include online reputation management, public relations, content marketing, social media marketing, crisis response, public relations and Search Engine Optimization. They have a great team that is well knowledgeable, efficient and courteous. They are an international company that is based in New York. Recently, the firm had to relocate to a bigger office in Manhattan to accommodate its expansive staff.

Darius Fisher explained vividly why they relocated. He said, “This year, we’ve already added 4 talented account management and business development professionals to our New York team. Our expanded staff fits comfortably in the new space, but, best of all, there’s plenty of room for us to continue growing the team.”

Status Labs appreciate the importance of having a great team. Fisher recognizes that it’s the team effort that has made the company accomplish a lot. He was enthusiastic about this move because it enables their staff have a comfortable working environment. He said that the company was looking in to taking more complicated and bigger projects and a larger space was essential for a more solid base.

Status Labs plan to hire 5 more professionals for their various departments such as the public relations, business development and account management. The new office is located at 1123 Broadway in New York. The space is larger by about five times when compared to the previous premises. The company also has offices in Austin and Sao Paulo.