New Technology in Black Card- Magnises

Technology is new ideas easy and simple access to services. The advancement of technology has also brought services, and products close to people especially with the busy schedule. You need not be left behind move with the technology from the use of our smartphones credit cards and now the new magnises card.

Magnises was established in 2014 by its President and CEO Billy. The aim of the card is to connect users as well as the building of an excellent system. The magnises card is a custom-made black card that gives the user an exclusive access to social clubs, occasions, and treaties that can only be accessed through the black card. The magnises black card has an advantage to its user as it is linked to the user’s bank and even credit cards for purposes of easy as well as online payment.

The black card is made of metal, and it is heavy, the use of the card can give you discounts in the restaurants, clubs and one can get a reservation for private and exclusive events as well as special getaways by just a simple flash. Billy, the founder of magnises, mentioned that their aim is to bring new change as they offer a unique service and product to the people of America by connecting them to their business both online and offline.

Several restaurants and clubs have signed in to the use of the magnises black card including Restaurant La Esquina and Catch, Club Finale and Goldbar, and Spin Studio Syc. The black card has an added advantage that the user can also get discounted helicopter trips to the Hamptons. The company has been experiencing marvelous expansion only a few years after it has been established. It is now serving more than 6000 members who pay $250 every year.

Magnises have developed a mobile app that assists the user to know of the upcoming events, and they can book as well as getting immediate access to bookings. The company recently moved to the Lowest East side of Rivington from West Village townhouse. Magnises management announced that is raising enough revenue and is looking forward to its expansion to be able to reach to more American citizens as well as going global.

Billy McFarland is a college dropout who was born in New York City and raised in Short Hills New Jersey. Billy McFarland attended Bucknell University in Lewisburg where he studied Computer Science, but he dropped out at the end of his freshman year to start his business. His Magnises Company was established in 2013 and was publicly launched in 2014.

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