Roberto Santiago Manaira Shopping Remains a Crown Jewel of the City of Paraiba

Roberto Santiago is a prominent Brazilian entrepreneur. His two shopping malls are among the biggest in the country. Santiago was born and brought up in the city Joao Pessoa. He did a bachelor’s degree in Business Administration at the University Center of Joao Pessoa. He also studied at the Pio X Marist College.


Roberto began his professional life at an early age. He launched a cartonnage company where he was producing and designing using cartons and cardboards. He advanced into the real estate business and later bought a huge tract of land at Paraiba. Santiago started setting up the Manaira Mall in 1987. Two years down the line, he had finished developing one of the greatest malls in Brazil that occupies an area of 135,000 square meters.


Manaira Shopping Mall has a lot of amazing features and services. It features several shopping options, rooftop concert halls, theatres, gaming areas, food courts, banks, fitness centers, and a college. The mall is one of the main centers of attraction in the city, and it hosts thousands of visitors every day. It has ample parking space for 3, 180 vehicles.


The Domus Hall of the Santiago Hall has been praised far and wide for its incredible features. The hall was completed in 2009. The ground floor hall was designed for large public events. It has enough area to accommodate large conferences, concerts, exhibits, weddings, and exhibitions. The hall can fit a maximum of 10,000 people. The ground floor is well equipped for theatrical productions and concerts as it has advanced sound equipment as well as acoustics. The first floor was designed to accommodate private parties. It has individual cabins which are suitable for holding private dealings.


Some of the entertainment options available at the stylish mall include a large gaming area and a movie theatre that features the latest shows. The gaming area has fully equipped gaming machines and a bowling alley. In 2008, 2012, and 2014, the food court in the mall was expanded to accommodate restaurants that serve different international as well as local cuisines. The food offered suits every budget and appetite. The food served varies from fast food fares to expensive dining joints such as Espaço Gourmet, Waynes, and Capital Steakhouse.


The mall has stores that sell furniture, jewelry, books, sports gear, clothing, and many other items. The Manaira Mall is the only one of its kind as it hosts a college, the Higher Education of Paraiba. Roberto Santiago continues to develop the mall into a crown jewel of Paraiba that attracts people from all the corners of the world. With the completion of the Domus Hall, the city has attracted many prominent local and international musicians. He also gives back to the community by hosting cultural shows and festivals where people learn several cultures.

In addition to the Manaira mall, Santiago also owns the Mangabeira Shopping Mall.


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