Ross Abelow’s Go Fund Me Campaign For Abandoned Animals

Top New York lawyer Ross Abelow has begun a GoFundMe Campaign to help area animal shelters during the harsh winter months. The goal is to raise $5000 to help with blankets, food, medical care and any other needs the animals may have.

Ross Abelow has injected himself into community development outreach in recent years. He’s passionate about improving the quality of life for residents, including vulnerable animals. Practicing law since 1990, Ross Martin Abelow New York. He specialized in Matrimonial, Family and Entertainment law. After 26 years of practice, he became a partner with Abelow and Casandro LLC.

He has even helped divorcees each get a fair deal and making sure the children are cared for is the ultimate goal of this divorce lawyer. Ross Abelow is your best bet for trying to negotiate a more favorable outcome. He is highly regarded by his colleagues for his outstanding litigation and negotiation skills. He works to help people with their Wills and legal paperwork. Ross Abelow is one of the attorneys that you can get advice on your estate. He will help you make decisions on your portfolio and draw up legal documents to protect your assets.

Since his retirement, he manages multiple blogs like the popular Crown Point New York. and social media accounts, on which he often offers legal advice and information to those in need. He is active on social media sites such as Facebook and Mashable, as well.

It is especially important to Ross Abelow to spread the word about this campaign and make donations to the cause. The rise in the number of puppy mills and the owner’s breeding for money is the primary cause of animal overcrowding in these shelters. Some animals even go hungry and die when the weather becomes very cold from no shelter. Check out the GoFundMe page and make a small donation to the cause.

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