SEC Whistleblower Attorneys

The whistleblowers group of attorneys are dedicated to serving the masses and the general public with legal advice and representation. They are calling upon all from all walks of life to blow their whistles by reporting to them and breaking the silence in all varieties of security violations to them.

In 2010, the Dodd – Frank Wall street program that is a Congress enacted as well as a consumer authorized protection act that is the most far-reaching overhaul of the entire United States of America regulation in finances ever since the great financial depression. One of its most important reforms is the Act by Dodd-Frank that has come up with a new whistleblower program establishment. This establishment has now provided employment protection in the most significant way as well as incentives in finance for all the individuals that report violations of the security laws of the Federals to the SEC (security and exchange commission).

Responding to the legislation in history, Labaton Suchrow came out as the first legal representation law company to exclusively establish a practice that has a general and specific focus on advocating and protecting the SEC whistleblowers. Our legal representation practice company is now building on the companies’ market leader in on the litigation program in securities. Jordan Thomas is now leading this kind of practice. Our representation practice is a team of world-class individuals and professionals that dedicate their lives to seeking solutions and representations for forensic accountants, financial analysts, investigators with state and federal law and enforcement experience and come up with the representation that is no less than unparalleled for all whistleblowers.

Thomas Jordan is a former assistant chief litigation counsel and director In the enforcement division at the SEC. During his time at the SEC, he played a big role in the development of this unique program for all that blow the whistle including proposed litigation drafting as well as the implementation rules at the last entity of the program.

Under the program rules, the SEC has a mandatory law that governs how they pay the whistleblowers. They should pay then between ten and thirty percent of the monetary sanctions that are collected from the results of the SEC enforcement actions for which the penalties exceed a million dollars. The whistleblowers are also eligible for additional awards from the SEC if the threshold is met based on the collected monetary sanctions that are brought forward by the regulatory organizations. Learn more about the SEC Whistleblower Lawyers