“Shake” Things Up with Skout

The number of dating sites and apps may be too numerous to peg exactly but there are a bunch. So many apps and sites look and act like clones of one another. Perhaps an app that offers something different is successful just because of that reason. Skout for example, is one of those unique apps that has experienced such success.

The 45,000 plus Facebook fans testifies to the popularity Skout has garnered. In almost a reverse approach, Skout uses love as an avenue to connect people in order to build community and friendship. The traditional sites (and this is still the vast majority) use community and relationship in order to foster meeting that special someone. The attitude and framework of Skout is more along the line of, if love happens in the midst of connecting people and building community, great.

In fact, hobbies and interest, love and just random chat are all avenues used to build this online community of friends from locals to those all over the world. Those who are active and on the go are the primary target audience. This may explain why the ease of use is such a high rated function of Skout. Just like the ease of signing up, everything is geared toward quick, simple and fun.

Speaking of fun, Skout does offer some rather cool functions that just make using the app fun in and of itself. The most popular feature of this app may be the “Shake” feature. Without giving too much away, yes the user literally has to shake their phone to activate this particular function.

It is also worth noting that the security and user behavior monitoring are taken very seriously with this app. So inappropriate language, behavior and so on as well as any security violations are either prevented or quickly addressed. Maintaining a safe and fun community network is part of the lifeline of this app, safeguarding it as such takes the highest priority.

Most have ventured into the dating site and world of apps, but there are a few different and unique sites and apps today changing the face of this online universe. Maybe if it’s been awhile since you’ve been out there, it could be worth another look. If nothing else just ‘shake’ it up a bit.