The amazing story of Eric Pulier in 5 minutes

When you meet Eric for the first time, you probably will not guess such a young man is so accomplished. He is a Harvard graduate. Eric is a smart entrepreneur who started and grew several startups. He is a published author, brilliant speaker and technologist, author, and a generous philanthropist. Those who know Eric Pulier can attest to the fact that he accomplished so much in his career.

Early life and education

Eric Pulier was born and raised in New Jersey. To Eric education was just a sharpening tool for his natural intelligence. This is evident by the fact that he was programming computers at the age of four years. By the time Eric was finishing high school, he had started a database computer company. After high school, Eric immediately joined Harvard where he became the editor of the school’s daily newspaper called Harvard Crimson. Eric also wrote for the paper and his insightful articles can be found on his Harvard writer profile. Some of his pieces covered terrorism and stigma-related issues at Harvard and other relevant topics. He later moved to LA in 1991 to further his career.

Notable entrepreneurial success

one of Eric’s most remarkable revolutionary startups is xprize. the program has prizes and competitions for innovators who want to push themselves to full potential. through the program, Eric has helped so many teenagers and young people achieve their dreams of becoming successful innovators.akana is another notable accomplishment by Eric pulier. this is an soa software program that collaborated with other soa vendors in 2000s. eric later sold the company to rogue wave software when it was at its pick as a great suit in 2016.


Eric is one of the leading philanthropists in his hometown. One of the notable works is Painted Turtle, which house children with chronic illnesses. Eric has dedicated both his time and money to ensure that the children are getting the specialized treatment they need. Eric’s passion for helping children with special needs can be traced back to Star Bright World where he dedicated his resources to develop a social media app for kids with chronic illnesses.

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