The New Way To Use Email Marketing

With email marketing as popular as it is today, it’s no surprise that there are thousands of companies looking to take it to the next level. Some companies use a different font to make it stand out. Others will use a funky color. The companies that are really thinking on their feet turn to video email marketing. Only one company makes it possible to use video marketing in an email without a hyperlink.

That one company is Talk Fusion. This company was founded in 2007, when Bob Reina was told by America Online that embedding a video in the email was impossible. By starting Talk Fusion, Reina showed that it was indeed possible. Now, this new email marketing technique is available to everyone.

What’s even better is that Talk Fusion takes their customers through the process step by step. All the same, all the user needs on their end is a computer with internet access and a webcam of some sort. Once the user has these things, they can pick from any of the templates that are available (over 1,000 on Talk Fusion’s servers), or create their own template. Then, they can record their video and upload it to the Talk Fusion servers. Once the video has been created, the email can be made and the video embedded right into the email.

One other trick up Talk Fusion’s sleeve is the ability it gives their users to see who opened the email. This list goes so far as to show who didn’t even open the email, those who opened and glanced, those who stopped half way, and those who read the email all the way through. This allows users to get feedback quickly by sending a follow up email to those who opened the email.

All in all, Talk Fusion has become a hallmark of the video email marketing world. It’s no surprise why after seeing all these features.

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