The Simplicity Of LifeLine Screening Methods

Science and medicine today have made leaps and bounds to make patients comfortable during health screening appointments. Did you know there are many preventative tests that you can take that just may save your life and your health insurance company millions of dollars annually by taking tests that access your health and risk factors for certain diseases and genetically prone conditions? With a service called Lifeline screening, you can get a customizable personal profile about your health and well-being.

Considerably Less Invasive than Some Health Screenings

With a Life Line Screening, you don’t have to worry about a big procedure as any of the ultrasound tests do not cause undue pain and agitation. For tests requiring blood work to be performed, it’s a small prick on the finger to do the testing. Some tests require you not to eat for a specified period of time or to wear clothes that are comfortable and loose fitting on your body. The directions for preparation are simple and easy to follow before your specific test.

Examples of what Kind of Preparation you May Encounter for your Tests

If you have a test for peripheral arterial disease, keep the stockings or pantyhose at home and wear something that consists of a comfortable top and bottom. For this Lifeline Screening, a loose t-shirt and sweatpants are perfect. A test like the hs-CRP for elevated C-reactive proteins requires no early preparation at all according to Isn’t that a relief?

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High Cholesterol Lifeline Screening

If you suspect you are at potential risk for high cholesterol, an early Lifeline screening can prevent further damage to your heart and arteries. The only requirement us not eating or also known as fasting for 12 hours prior to your tests.

There is nothing you need to do in advance for this screening. This will be a full lipid panel screening test. The type 2 diabetes test requires the same preparation steps as well.

Bone Density Test

If you are doing a Life Line Screening for the density of your bones, or also known as an osteoporosis screening, the only rule is to not wear pantyhose to your appointment. Lifeline screening tests are meant to be quickly performed as well as highly effective, Schedule yours today.

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