Traveling Vineyard The Leading Wine Enterprise That Allows Wine Guides To Earn A Decent Income Working From Home

Wine is loved all over America and many other parts of the world, Traveling Vineyard has mastered all the rules in the wine business, and it is doing great in this venture. Traveling Vineyard was formed in 2001, and the main aim was to make wine tasting less serious and to increase the number of consumers that receive the firm’s products. To achieve this vision the company is working is with excellent wine guides in over 40 states.

The Traveling Vineyard continues to employ wine guides and working for this company is very rewarding. Traveling Vineyard wine guides work from home, and the company does not restrict them in any way. They are expected to host parties and invite friends the company brings the wines to the house, and the wine guide gets a commission on every wine that he/she sells. Traveling Vineyard has over 21 different wine brands falling under the categories of sweet and fizzy, white and red wine. The company also sells various accessories that wine lovers use in their parties as they enjoy their favorite wine they include openers, decanters, and chillers.

Wine guides for Traveling Vineyard have confidence when selling the wines because the company wines are of high quality. If a wine guide is selling the wine to a new client, the client will always request for more. Joining the Traveling Vineyard wine guides team is not complicated, and no formal qualification is required. The primary requirement is to be passionate about wine, and you earn money from what you love.

The company requires every individual aspiring to become a wine guide to pay a full fee of $174. This amount gives the wine guide a success kit and two sets of wine that the wine guide uses in the first wine tasting event. The success kit is essential for a beginner because it has everything needed from openers, glasses, decanters and chillers among others. The Traveling Vineyard wine guides are paid thrice in a month, and they can earn from15% to 35% commission on the sales they make. The company uses social media to market their wines aggressively and to share all the information on the best wines for every occasion. If you are seeking a job opportunity that allows you to work from home and earn a decent income Traveling Vineyard offers you an ideal opportunity.

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