Universal Wisdom Can be Found Through the Kabbalah Centre

The work of The Kabbalah Centre has never been limited to people of a specific faith or belief system as it goes about bringing the teachings that began in Judaism to those who seek enlightenment around the world. Upon its establishment in the 1960s, The Kabbalah Centre was looking to expand on the work done by Jewish teachers who had begun to reveal and evolve these teachings with an eye on bringing as many people as possible a glimpse of the universal wisdom that has been explored since ancient times.

The history of the teaching of Kabbalah has an oral tradition dating back to the story of Adam and Abraham who are said to have passed on the teaching to keep it alive; Moses is said to have been another who had the universal wisdom of Kabbalah revealed to him and has often had the stories of his life in the Bible held up as coded revelations based on the Kabbalah.

For a number of decades The Kabbalah Centre has looked to reveal many of the secrets of the teachings first committed to paper by Zohar, a second century expert in Hebrew and Judaism who hoped to record the path to universal wisdom for the future. The Kabbalah Centre looks to expand upon the work of Zohar and more modern interpretations of the Kabbalah that were brought to Europe, North America, and the rest of the world by Rav Philip Berg in the 1960s. Because the universal wisdom of the Kabbalah does not deal with a specific God it has evolved under the teachers of The Kabbalah Centre to be used by students of any faith to expand their minds.

The Kabbalah has always been complex and difficult for many to understand because it deals with an opening of mind and body to the wisdom of the world, which takes up around 99 percent of the world around us that remains unseen. Allowing the light, or universal wisdom, to enter the body and take over in a way that makes the student more spiritual in a way often associated with new age mysticism.

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