Whitney Wolfe: Leading A Generation of Women in Charge

Mobile phones are populated with all kinds of dating apps covering a wide range of relationships from casual to serious, heterosexual to homosexual, and so on. Among them is a shining beacon among females that allows them to take control in the dating world that has long been dominated and determined by men. Created by Whitney Wolfe, a co-founder of Tinder that grew tired of the sexist culture that Tinder enabled, Bumble is a dating app that lets women “make the first move.”

As a 26-year-old woman in the tech industry who was also sexually harassed at Tinder herself, Whitney Wolfe is no stranger to the trials women face. In an interview with Vanity Fair, Wolfe stated, “If you look at where we are in the current heteronormative rules surrounding dating, the unwritten rule puts the woman a peg under the man—the man feels the pressure to go first in a conversation, and the woman feels pressure to sit on her hands.”

Bumble benefits both women and men because it takes the pressure off of both sides to start the conversation, because that part is already decided. Women can go into a conversation knowing they’re interested and gain the confidence to pursue what they really want. And the men who have no problem with a woman taking the lead are also said to be of more professional quality, as Kristina’s roommate stated in Kristina and Eric’s success story on Bumbleblog. Kristina and Eric just celebrated their 1-year anniversary in January.

Whitney Wolfe has been named one of Forbes’ 30 Under 30. Through her self-proclaimed 100 percent feminist app, and passion for helping young women feel strong and comfortable in their own skin, Wolfe is a woman to watch and learn from.

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