Why Paul Mampilly Retired From Wall Street

Working on Wall Street can be a tough gig. For one, you have to work excruciatingly long hours. You also have to maintain complete focus on career, often at the expense of other things in your life. The biggest problem, though, is that all of your time is at the end of the day spent making already extremely rich people even more wealthy.

Paul Mampilly is one of the traders that used to work on Wall Street. He started out working for Bankers Trust in a low-level position. Over time his knowledge about investing and how to incorporate the right strategies paid off. He worked for some of the biggest financial firms on Wall Street including ING and Deutsche Bank. His success didn’t go unnoticed and other multi-billion dollar companies sought to hire him. He ended up working for Kinetics Asset Management where he led the management of its hedge fund. By growing this hedge fund to a value of $25 billion he earned the recognition of Barron’s which called out his hedge fund as one providing the best returns in the world.

However, all of the issues of Wall Street eventually caused Mampilly to burn out. He decided to resign from Wall Street and even moved to another state in order to spend more time with his family and friends. He decided that his time would be far better spent showing normal investors how they could make money in the markets and achieve their financial dreams. In order to do so he launched a financial newsletter, Profits Unlimited. Each issue showcases his research about a company and illustrates how it is poised for strong growth. He recommends that readers invest in these companies in their own investment accounts.

Paul Mampilly follows his own advice and continues to invest his money in the stocks of companies he sees as having strong growth. He says he just follows a simple buying and selling strategy that is so easy anyone can do it. He has added that when he first joined the financial industry he thought he knew everything, just like the large majority of young people believe. He said it took him years of development before he truly understood Wall Street and how investing really does work in the real world.

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