WWKD? What Would the Kabbalah Do?

This title deals with one of the primary focuses for relationships, forgiveness and reincarnation at the Kabbalah Centre. There is a rhyme and reason to why things happen. There is a order in the universe. This is exactly what students lean here at the Kabbalah Centre.

Let’s take a look at the title again. When something happens to use in our lives, it’s so easy to blame the messenger. Say someone does something bad to you. It’s so easy to blame them for the chaos that you face. There’s a reason though why certain things are happening.

Every person we meet is a messenger. It’s easy to get caught up in the good things that come our way. It’s often times harder to take a good look at the bad things. Take a look at someone who abuses us. We lash out and say we were hurt. There’s a reason why we were hurt. It’s because the universe is trying to teach us something about ourselves. There might be a bit of that anger within us. Sometimes it takes the messenger for us to sit up and take notice.

Look at every relationship you have in your life. There’s a reason for it. Each person is trying to tell us something about a trait we have. It’s all part of taking the next step towards spiritual enlightenment. It’s up to us to notice it. Once we do, our next step is working towards fixing it. Why? We will keep having this problem until we take the steps to fix the problem. It might even extend into our next lifetime. It will extend itself until we take the time to notice it and fix it.

It will replay in different variations, but the end result will be the same. It could come in the form of a relationship with a boyfriend/girlfriend. It could come in the form of a job experience you have over and over.

If you take the time to forgive the other person, you are actually forgiving yourself for your own short-comings. Forgive enough to move on. Don’t forget though. Keep it as a reminder to never do it again. If you take the time to see the message for what it is, you won’t see it as a curse. It’s actually a blessing. For more information about these things and the Kabbalah Centre, check out their website.

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